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Beats or instrumentals?

2013-02-01 18:35:24 by JkidProductions

So if any rappers want a specific producer for them, any rappers making albums or anything if you like some stuff i make hmu on twitter, aim or preferably on here , i'll make you any specific beat you want, mainly hip hop, modern or olskool. Just hmu

Aim: Jbros82 ( i might not be on all the time)
Or contact me on here


2012-04-13 10:29:42 by JkidProductions

If anyones got instrumentals to rap to, please hmu wit some, i really can't fine nonee

The Walking Dead

2012-03-20 19:46:04 by JkidProductions

all i can say is, what the fuck, they telling us to wait till october its bs. lol Anyways that shit was crazy! Lmfao, anyway new beat should be posted this week! If not its because my brother didnt leave his computer unlocked. :O

Hello :)

2012-03-11 09:21:37 by JkidProductions

Following the Loop or preview i posted i should be posting the *FULL BEAT* today I'll be revise it then it will be on! First beat in a while n i really like this one Check back around 2!;D


2012-03-06 21:12:24 by JkidProductions

Alright so i cant find a away to get Fl studio for my 10.5 os x mac?(old Computer brother gave me) My pc couldn't be fixed so i cant really make any beats soon until my brother lets me use his :O. Any ideas?

Guess WHAT

2011-07-23 12:06:32 by JkidProductions

I dont have any fucking soundd lol so im really pissed i havent got to make a damn beat in like 2 weeks. Yea lol but i've been writing so im calmin down but yea. FUCK COMPUTERS SOMETIMES

Ightt so the beat i'm working on involves, me trying to impress my bro, BTW IM 12 NOT 16. And he wants a sick song so, i need ideas and help. The first song on my audio list is a preview of the intro i made so take a listen, at the end im thinking dubstep but ill get there.

Music.... I love it.

2011-05-17 18:15:08 by JkidProductions

Well i haven't posted a new song in a while now, but I've been working on multiple beats. It gets annoying but i'm working on one with some Bass in it. Fast tempo. But the others are temporary there not in my liking stage. LOL


Well Hey there.

2011-02-05 20:14:58 by JkidProductions

I won't be posting music for probably a while because my Audio mixer for windows XP is being annoying cause every time i click on the mixer it says u need to add it back and when i do it does the same thing so i'll being working on fixing it -__- in the mean time, i'll probably be writing so what ever lol Peace NG.



2010-10-04 19:22:56 by JkidProductions

My music has been progressing from time to time if you've noticed, Enjoy all my music ;]].